Why are we called BeeTogether?

A Ready Reminder Of The Good You Did & Those You Helped!!

It feels great when we help someone. Does it not?
What if there was a ready reminder of the times you helped someone so that, every time you saw it, it brought a little smile to your face?

Yes, it is possible with BeeTogether!!

The bee embodies togetherness, care, loyalty and life – with a sweet taste. Without bees, there is no life. Bees are playful and curious and yet they do not lose sight of their goal. Neither aggressive nor provocative, yet gallantly guarding their communities. A spectacular phenomenon of the family and community nature of bees is, for example: To keep the beehive warm, the bees rotate from the inside out and as soon as the outer bees get cold, the second bee moves in from the inside so that everyone can warm up equally. The bees live team work and stand up for each other. They stand closely together whilst overlapping their wings to keep the heat on the frame. More than many other animals bees show us what it means to be loyal, to stand up and take care of each other. A bee. The embodiment of togetherness. Bee Together.

The above mentioned example of a bees behaviour towards nature and their communities was one of the reasons to the final decision to name this guild BeeTogether. We believe in a world where humanity in its different, colours, cultures and religions live in a respectful, peaceful and sustainable way with nature and animals.

With this strong mind-set and vision, the guild BeeTogether has been founded. To be the change.

The BeeTogether NFT store is a perfect representation of this philosophy.

A bee is both a scientific and social wonder. It tiny wings lift a weight far heavier but its sense of togetherness & society literally keep life on this planet going. It shows what it means to stand up, to be loyal & to be there for each other.

The collection consists of creations themed around life, bees & their contributions. Both digital & photographic work features in this.

Each piece displayed here has its own muse. “A Symbiotic Relationship” pays ode to the mutually beneficial & tenacious relationship between humans & bees while “Born to bee wild” pays homage to their free nature. “Her Majesty” speaks to the queens in the house while “Honey” and “Bees in Space” is for the esoteric side of your personality.

Proceeds from the sale of these are benchmarked for education. Individuals & organisations will be educated on the basics and nuances of NFT and NFT-based fundraising market. The intent is to create a win-win situation for all parties involved – individuals, organisations with social and environmental impact and BeeTogether itself – with a sustainable financing model for all parties involved as the end goal.

Let us grow and BeeTogether!!