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BeeTogether & Home of Compassion Minstries are thriving for a better future for our children.

Uthando Mzansi means: We love to uplift the people of Southern Africa! The core focus of Home of Compassion is on Humanity as a whole, which means radical inclusion. With this project, we'd like to give each individual a chance to express, to play and to create a way for a prosperous future.
The vision of the NPO is to change their community from the inside out by freeing their community from the oppression of poverty, hopelessness, unemployment and foster a culture of Hope by providing the necessary skills and awareness programs to stimulate the community’s abilities and empower them. The NPO focus also on projects that are addressing issues such as hunger, child abuse, substance abuse, crime, gangsterism, teenage pregnancies, TB HIV/Aids, skills training, etc.

Strategies involved

> Artists onboarding to the NEAR blockchain

> Setup and content for Mintbase NFT Gallery

> Community based initiative

> Content Marketing over Social Media, Whatsapp Business, Telegram, Discord

This project in numbers:



…a lot of artists from South Africa, especially Cape Town but also creative people from all over the world shared their passion for art with us…

…and contributed to a diversified store…


NFT minted

How do Voice of the Oceans and artists profit from this initiative?

An NFT is provided with revenue splitting and royalty rules. This sustainable and lasting creative solution ensures consistency and stability by generating revenue with every resell of the artwork, which can gift a bright future as well as supporting individual artists in this challenging post-pandemic world.

Simply explained: an NFT generates an income every time it is sold and resold.

Who can participate?

Every person can participate, whether as an artist or as a buyer (and/or reseller). We believe that transformative change, whether in the individual or in society, can occur only through the medium of deeply personal participation. We achieve being through doing.

Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play. We make the world real through actions.

A creative and future-oriented fundraiser!

Designed for change!

In order to achieve REAL empowerment we need to break the shackles and the barriers to entry imposed by the conventional economy. Through interventions across the “chain of needs” we will provide ways and means for our communities to enter into economic and social developments of their own doing.

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