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Caring is the act of the heart! With this initiative we are showing that standing together is the only way to protect and to support people and animals

South American Initiative (SAI NGO) is a U.S. based non-profit organization working to help orphanages, hospitals, abandoned pets and zoo animals in South America who are starving with no food, no medicine, no clean drinking water, and no medical supplies. Venezuela Needs Help Right Now SAI’s immediate focus for 2019-2020 is to provide rapid help for the people of Venezuela who cannot feed themselves or get basic life-saving medicines because the current political and economic crisis is causing life-threatening hardships for the most vulnerable.

Strategies involved

> Artists onboarding to the NEAR blockchain

> creating financial support for the humanity and animal projects of SAINGO


This project in numbers:



…are happily creating art to help animals and humans…

…to be be part of the solution…


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Help Venezuelan Hospitals

The health care system in Venezuela is declining rapidly. Each day, the press denounces the failing state of public hospitals. Increasingly, the health care crisis and the shortage of medicine and food have plagued the country. The Rafael Malpica hospital, located in Guacara (Valencia, Venezuela) is providing only rice for their patients. Many other hospitals are facing the same situation. Proteins are never included in their diet… This project will feed vulnerable adults and children in different hospitals.

Endangered Animal Rescue in the zoo

Due to the current political and economic situation plaguing Venezuela, large amounts of zoo animals are dying or are malnourished. Many of these zoos have had their animals become endangered due to starvation and lack of medical care. There is not enough money or resources to feed and care for animals in these zoos.


Help Venezuelan Refugees

Entire families are forced to leave their homes with only what they can carry on their backs. The long journey across the Colombian border has become very common these days. The majority of Venezuelan refugees, who make it into Colombia, are sleeping in refugee camps, unemployed and without enough food. This fund will support Venezuelan refugees. We will work with other organizations in the Colombia–Venezuela border who are committed to providing assistance and support to those in need.

Help Abandoned Venezuelan Pets (big dog shelter)

Dog owners in Venezuela have been forced to abandon their pets because pet food has become overwhelmingly expensive. Also, vaccines and treatments that pets need are scarce or inaccessible. There is a proliferation of diseases that have affected homeless pets such as scabies and rabies resulting in a high health risk to humane society. Through this project, we will be providing decent dog food and canine treatments in order to prevent the most common infectious diseases.


A fundraiser to help animals and children!

The act of caring!

With this initiative we are showing that standing together is the only way to protect people and animals

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