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Biodiversity Hotspot in South Africa

Renosterveld is one of the most under-appreciated biodiversity hotspots found within Mediterranean ecosystems globally. It is a diverse, severely threatened habitat, listed itself as Critically Endangered, while also housing over 100 threatened plant species, several threatened and endemic birds and countless numbers of invertebrates.

Strategies involved

> Artists onboarding to the NEAR blockchain

> generate a passive income for Overberg Renosterveld

> creating art to help protect biodiversity in nature

> help to sustain the income for Renosterveld to fund biodiversity programs

This project in numbers:



… create art for helping nature in South Africa … 

… so biodiversity of plants and animals is preserved…


NFT minted


Our Goals

Conserve and rehabilitate the remaining remnants and corridors of this ecosystem through various programs, with an emphasis on building relationships with the farmers who own these precious remnants.

Secure, Restore ...

Secure Renosterveld hectares: for conservation in perpetuity, through our Conservation Easement Programs.

Restore, rehabilitate and manage Renosterveld remnants:
to ensure their long-term survival and viability.


Education and Research

We educate people about the importance of preserving our natural environment: from landowners and people who work on the land to local school children, teachers and conservation scholars.

We undertake and facilitate crucial research: to enable a deeper understanding of these ecosystems, so that we can manage them more effectively, thus securing for future

Everything is possible when we are one!

It's about biodiversity!

With your investment you support Renosterveld to conserve and rehabilitate the remaining remnants of the ecosystem through various programs

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