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Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Last Door’s mission is the provision of supportive, therapeutic environments where individuals and families experiencing problematic substance use can get support and guidance while restoring their mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health.

Strategies involved

> Artists onboarding to the NEAR blockchain

> generate a passive income for Last Door 

> help people in need and support them in their daily life  

This project in numbers:



…create art to help people who need guidance 

…to support people to overcome their addiction… 


NFT minted

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Our philosophy

Our core philosophy of providing abstinence supported, evidence based, quality addiction treatment has remained intact over the years. The level and types of services have increased over the years as we respond to community needs. Our programs continue to grow ever year with the support of people like yourself!

Our mission

Addiction Treatment for Youth, Adults & Families. Last Door serves over 400 individuals and thousands of collaterals per year, we help people to overcome addiction and restore themselves to a positive state of health. We are organizers of the largest addiction recovery festival in the world (Recovery Day BC), we host Talk Recovery Radio, we are the organizers of Recovery Capital Conference – a contemporary Canada-wide addiction recovery education symposium. We help people get their lives back.


Everything is possible when we are together!

It is about care!

The Last Door Addiction Treatment Centre multidisciplinary team will go above and beyond for you, your family and your employer. We're more than just an addiction rehab centre, we're an inclusive supportive addiction recovery community,

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