Friendly Turtles
PFP Collection

Co-Project between BeeTogether and Non-Profit-Organisations from all over the world

Voice of the Oceans, Seas4Life, We Are Walla, SAINGO, NEAR Ocean and BeeTogether are collaborating on setting up a sustainable and long-term fundraising campaign, based on the blockchain NEAR Protocol. The fundraising project offers a future oriented, creative, uniting and sustainable solution to the funding of our partner organisations.The Friendly Turtles are a generative profile pic collection that is going to give back from the NFT community to the planet while trying to bridge connect communities, projects and people with one another.

Strategies involved

> donating 25% of the income to charitable projects/organizations 
> onboard people on NEAR/NFTs
> create NFT news page
> support small projects or individuals with funding and other resources
(> please investors through staking mechanisms, our own coin and good partnerships)

This project in numbers:





…with your investment in a turtle, you support our environment

How can you benefit through us?

We want to create an entry point into the crypto space or help people develop better tools for the NEAR infrastructure. Approach us with requests for certain events or ask for guidance with projects, and we will do our best to support you. From a total crypto beginner to experts that need funding's or a team - we are here to give you the chance to concentrate on what you can do best and have a great team for the other tasks.

What is our benefit?

The happier our community is, the more the word spreads and this way we can provide better tools and networks for people. This whole process is of mutual benefit for both parties. Without passion for the NEAR ecosystem, we are happy to do our part in making it easy for people to build on and use this cutting edge technology.

how do we contribute to a healthier world?

We from BeeTogether collaborate with Friendlyseacreatures to financially help non-profit-organisations from all over the world. With the PFP collection we will help our partner organisations Voice of the Oceans, Seas4Life, We are Walla and SAINGO.
25% of the sales will be allocated to the defined non-profit-organisations.

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