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The bee embodies togetherness, care, loyalty and life – with a sweet taste.

Without bees, there is no life. Bees are playful and curious and yet they do not lose sight of their goal. Neither aggressive nor provocative, yet gallantly guarding their communities. Freely sprinkling through the air, however always diligently following their mission. A spectacular phenomenon of the family and community nature of bees is, for example: To keep the beehive warm, the bees rotate from the inside out and as soon as the outer bees get cold, the second bee moves in from the inside so that everyone can warm up equally. The bees live teamwork and stand up for each other. They stand closely together whilst overlapping their wings to keep the heat on the frame. More than many other animals bees show us what it means to be loyal, to stand up and take care of each other. A bee. The embodiment of togetherness. Bee Together.

Strategies involved

> Artists onboarding to the NEAR blockchain

> Educate individuals and organisations in the NFT and NFT-fundraising market

> create a win-win-situation for individuals, Non-Profit-Organisations/Non-Governmental-Organisations and BeeTogether

> onboarding investors/donors to support our projects with environmental impact

> develop a sustainable finance model for all involved parties

This project in numbers:



…our artist community is diverse in every considerable way. We have artists from all over the world on board. In our community everyone is invited to contribute, to participate… 

…together we thrive for higher goals for all uf us…


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We are developing a curious, motivated mindset to discover new ways of fundraising in the digital world based on cryptocurrency. In initiative ways – just as nature.


There is this urge, a deep desire to be the change. It is in our nature to be(e) together, to connect and take care of each other. A strong feeling of taking responsibility to guard what we love. We live in an indescribable complex, intelligent and interesting ecosystem that provides us with every little aspect we might require. Not only want, be the change.

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We know our abilities and we are conscious about the potential of todays’ endless possibilities in the digital sector. Our experience in different areas of fundraising, in combination with NFT and support of NPOs, learned us the potentiality of the fast developing digital world we are in. We are open to contemporary ideas and creative inventions to address a wide range and in consideration of a positive, yet fun effect.


Thriving together in an abundant world. Together we can create and do more. We are committed to creating a win-win-win situation which is regenerative. The flow of Abundance generated by bringing individuals and collectives together which are in alignment with one another will not be limited but continue to replenish itself..

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Stand together for a better place – BeeTogether

Let's create dynamic and effective changes!

In pursuit of our vision and in execution of our Mission we embrace co-creation: connecting artists, investors and projects which align with one another. Individually we can contribute, united we can not only inspire change but lead that movement.

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