Hi. We are Walla. We are united by our drive for exploring, for the unexpected, for our planet. It is this desire that has led us to surf in some of the most fantastic places on earth.

We believe we can safeguard these sites by mobilizing the power of the crowd. Join us in our quest to create nature reserves and sustainable local surf destinations around the world! There are few things in life that mean more to us than wandering around or surfing in untouched nature. For us, this is pure magic. Luckily these beautiful places where one can surf, explore and connect with nature still exist, all around the world. Alas, we also see such places disappearing and developing rapidly.   Walla believes we can counter this trend, by creating nature reserves around surf spots. Reserves that benefit local communities, provide a safe haven for plants, animals and humans alike. Places where one can still experience magic.   PROJECT GOAL Our goal is to protect the last stand of rainforest at the coast of Ecuador and turn it into a community based reserve and surf destination. So that we create a safe haven for animals and plants and we can keep enjoying this magical place!   WHY 98 % of the coastal forests of Ecuador have been logged. A little untouched piece of paradise at the beach remained, because there was no road – until now. Together with the local community we are taking action.   HOW Join us to buy the forest and secure it in a local trust. The trust will be managed by the community, a local nature organization and Walla. The next stage is to create small scale surf tourism, profits will go to sustaining the reserve.

Our photo-credits go to Sol Funk.

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Stichting Walla
Ursulinenlaan 21
1861SM Bergen (NH)

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