The Lioness Rally Team


The Lioness Rally Team is an all-female rally team seeking to empower women and communities through motorsports. We are representing women in the rallying and motorsports arena and making the sport accessible by easing the barriers to entry. Women are encouraged to become mechanics, engineers, drivers, navigators, technical team members, service crew, and participants during the rally process. 

The Lioness Rally celebrates the resilient spirit of Kenyan women by telling women’s stories; helping women, celebrating women, and empowering women. At the same time, restore damaged ecosystems and focus on renewable energy and resources throughout Kenya.


Banking Details

You can send your support in the following ways:
- NEAR donation
- Go fund me account - the link is available on our website:

Company Details

P.O Box 998-00621
Gigiri, Nairobi

Near Wallet: Thelionessrallyteam.near

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