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Nuru Njema Tanzania objective is to serve the marginalized groups in Tanzania including the orphans, vulnerable children, disabled children, women and the old aged people who care for the children due the loss of their parents as a result of HIV/AIDS and also on environment issues. Nuru Njema Tanzania is an NGO established and registered in Tanzania on the 10th August, 2021 with its Head Office at Songea in Ruvuma Region – Tanzania (East Africa). The Organization has committed actors to implement program and project activities to everybody’s expectation. In  collaboration  with  all  other  stakeholders  Nuru  Njema  Tanzania  is  to  be  a  pioneer  Organization  in  providing  support  to  those  who  are  in  need  and  serve  the communities  and  bring  about  sustainable  socio – economic  development  to all.

Vision and Mission

Nuru Njema Tanzania has fully established a Board with its functions and duties to meet the vision and mission of it and for the recommended actions to the development initiatives to be in place. Care and support to people or the communities seems to be an entry point to the identified problems or challenges at hand. 

The vision and mission therefore stimulate the awareness of these communities to bring about change and development and hence hope for better life and improved standards of living. Nuru Njema Tanzania tries to establish and strengthen effective systems for self-dependency and improve life styles of the communities through enhancement of community capacity building initiatives, modalities and practices hence achieving the development goals through projects and activities. It is to the notice of the Organization that care and supportive services have been challenged and livelihood has been destroyed and global poverty is expected to increase in arithmetic progression if development partners do not take action to the matter. This is the concern of Nuru Njema Tanzania.

Nuru  Njema Tanzania  believes  in  the  following:

• Caring  about  communities/marginalized  groups

• Well  being  of  these  communities  is  an  investment

• Growth  is  through  empowerment

• Human  means  life  to  serve  humanity

What has already been achieved

1. Nuru Njema Tanzania has received DVDs from an Organization called Education Saves Lives of U.K for the purpose of educating children on health and education issues through DVDs to Bombambili Primary School and Luhira Secondary School with a total of 2,466 (The activity is ongoing).

2. It has received an introduction letter from the Government to show that it is working with the Government

3. The Organization received funds from an International NGO (COCO) from the U.K to attend the National NGOs meeting which was attended by Tanzania President

Future is planned

Nuru Njema Tanzania has a three years Strategic Development Plan from 2022 to 2024 with the main objective of promoting and scaling up the access to quality socio – economic services for the betterment of the communities concerned. It employs a dynamic approach bringing together public and private stakeholders in order to address the development challenges facing the communities and hence propel the development agenda to the same. The commitment of the Organization however, requires a considerable support and help from all development partners within the existing phenomena. Important in its dynamism, Nuru Njema Tanzania has invested in the development of a forward-thinking Strategic Plan that is to address the community development challenges as well as create a roadmap for sustainability of the Organization and Programs. Such a Plan will account for strengthening the well-established Programs, create an innovative and developmental organizational culture so as to develop new sustainable activities and incorporate a diversified approach to community problem solving.

Banking Details

Account Name: Nuru Njema Tanzania
Account Number: 0150660411100
Branch/Service Centre: Songea Branch
Bank Name & Address: CRDB Bank Plc.
P.O. Box 42

Company Details

Nuru Njema Tanzania


Proof of Existence:

Near Wallet: nurunjematanzania.near

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