Logout provides free psychological help and support to individuals suffering from the mental health issues caused by social media, digital burnout, digital addiction, NFT burnout and to victims of online abuse as well.

At Logout.org we are utilizing technology and psychology to create social impact.

Who we are

We are a group of passionate psychologists, social workers, gamers, developers, crypto enthusiasts who understand technology and human behavior with years of experience by helping individuals and their closest ones. So far, we’ve successfully provided psychological treatment and support to more than 1.500 individuals and their closest ones. More than 50.000 individuals attended our preventive programs. More than 150 children have experienced and fully enjoyed our Logout Week summer camp events without screens. We strongly believe every digital environment, metaverse space should be mental health friendly.

Company Mission

Our mission is on improving the digital well-being of all people especially youngsters by providing treatment, help, information, education, and raising awareness on balanced and healthy use of media and technology.

Company History

Since 2011, Logout.org has established 4 outpatient clinics and 4 major cities in Slovenia. In 2019 Logout has received plaquette from capital city Ljubljana for it’s social impact innovativness in 2019. In 2021 Logout has received a national award from the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Affairs for it’s social impact in last 5 years of existance. In 2021 primary Care Paediatricians from the Slovenian Paediatric Society under the auspices of the Primary Health Care Committee of the Medical Chamber of Slovenia, together with LogOut.org and experts from other fields, prepared the first Slovenian national guidelines for children’s and adolescents’ screen use. In 2022 Logout is forming first Slovenian rehab center in cooperation with other local partners.

Banking Details

We invite you to contact us through our website/mail.

Company Details

Nora Institute (Zavod Nora) aka LOGOUT (brand name)

Adress: Krizna ulica 12, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

Email: info@logout.si

Proof of Existence:

Near Wallet: logoutorg.near

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