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God birthed a vision in the hearts of Charles and Delecia George in 1993 to care and help the poor. As they begun different types of projects in the Western Cape region, Delft was the place they believed where God wanted them to work and lay down their lives. As various types of socio-economic and spiritual challenges struck the Delft community they left for Johannesburg to study and equip themselves by bringing back proper tools in order to handle major challenges lying ahead of them.

In 1995 and 1996 Charles and Delecia studied and graduated from Rhema Bible Training Centre in Johannesburg. On their return they stared a NPO called Home of Compassion Ministries with registration number 025-064-NPO.

The vision of the NPO is to Change their community from the inside out by freeing their community from the oppression of poverty, hopelessness, unemployment and foster a culture of Hope by providing the necessary skills and awareness programs to stimulate the community’s God-given abilities and empower them so that they can in turn bring about a change in their own deprived community. The NPO is involved on a daily basis through different projects addressing issues such as hunger, child abuse, substance abuse, crime, gangsterism, and teenage pregnancies, TB HIV/Aids, skills training, etc.

The NPO has a “wholistic” approach towards community upliftment and community empowerment and present

well-balanced programs to their community as they serve the “Whole Man”.

The NPO executes it’s vision by having different programs within the organization to be effective

within the community i.e. This is not just a spiritual and social struggle. It is a financial one too.

In order to achieve REAL empowerment we need to break the shackles and the barriers to entry imposed

by the conventional economy. Through interventions across the “chain of needs” we will provide ways and means for our communities to enter into economic and social developments of their own doing.

Today the Home of Compassion Ministries is growing beyond belief. Government and other stakeholders have come to recognize the extent of the impact that can be achieved based on our knowledge and experience in Delft and Blikkiesdorp communities. Recently our partners in local Government as well as the YPO internationally, have asked us to share our knowledge and success to assist in introducing similar initiatives across the Western Cape, as well as Nationally and Internationally.

What we want to achieve:

  • Connect millions of people to the rest of the world.
  • Provide opportunity to a closed off society.
  • Unlock the dormant potential housed in these forgotten communities.
  • Skills development
  • Sustainable Job Creation
  • Technology Incubator
  • Innovation hubs
  • Allowing corporates to reach these people who without connectivity are cut off to the world.

Banking Details

Account Name Home of Compassion Ministries
Bank ABSA, Tyger Manor Branch
Branch Code 632005
Type Cheque
Account No. 4077199529

Company Details

Company Address:
39 Rhine Road,
Eindhoven Delft,
Western Cape,
South Africa,

Tel: +27 955 2990
A/h : +27 83 770 6784
e-mail : admin@hoccc.co.za

Near Wallet: hocm.near

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