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Exposing Hope uses the power of photographs and inspirational individual narratives to raise awareness for survivors of human rights abuses and directs funds to grassroots organizations providing solutions.
Exposing Hope illustrates the human capacity to maintain hope and eventually heal. In addition to creating awareness, we fundraise to support our partner organisations that work on the ground in these conflict zones.
Through actual time on the ground, we IDENTIFY and HIGHLIGHT the stories of silenced individuals and of local grassroots organisations providing solutions in situations of human rights abuses, and provide those organizations with images to tell their stories.
We DIRECT FUNDS we raise through photography exhibitions and other fundraisers to the local organisations with which we have spent time and identified as making the most positive impact. We typically support small organisations that are rooted in and have deep connections with their community and, those with the capacity to grow. We always return to the places we work to assess our current and past projects and to ensure that progress is being made.
Finally, through working with locally based nonprofits we gain a deeper understanding of the conflicts these organisations work to prevent, mediate and resolve. With this knowledge we are proud to have been able to MENTOR ORGANISATIONS by reviewing the efficiency and efficacy of their work, in addition to, assisting them in securing funding and developing their relationships with donors and NGOs.

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