New NFT collection: Goddess!

Our artist whaattheart.near has created 8 different goddesses of various mythologies for our NFT charity projects. Can you recognize one of them? They are: Volupas, Rati, Xochiquetal, Bast, Aphrodite, Freyja, Aine and Astarte.
Not only are you able to own an artwork from the Aztec goddess of love Xochiquetal to Rati – the Hindu goddess of passion, but you are also helping support charities at the same time. So why not take this chance to show your support for both a talented artist and many important charities? Purchase an NFTs today and help make a difference in the world! Every purchase helps contribute to causes that promote education, health, human rights, and other noble causes. And by using blockchain technology, we guarantee full transparency. New to NFTs? No worries, we are here to help. Contact us ❤️