New NFT collection: FaceTo Face

Our artist whaattheart.

A creative doodling exchange between two creative minds. Claudiaart and Sara/Whaattheart in Malaga for the charity @LogOut!

Doodling is the perfect way to express yourself and ultimately, connect with others and the flow sate!

Doodling is basically freehand drawing. It allows your hand to go through the motions of creating a picture without having to think about it too much. Line after line, paint stroke after paint stroke. Then, something new emerges slowly and it just keeps going—you never know where it will end up.

You are be able to collect an #nft puzzle piece and help @LogOut with its greater cause. Their mission is to improve the digital well-being of all people especially youngsters by providing treatment, help, information, education, and raising awareness on balanced and healthy use of media and technology.