Artists Got Paid for Participating: Celebrating the Success of a Bounty Program


In a refreshing move that puts artists at the forefront, a recent bounty program has been making waves by not only providing artists an opportunity to showcase their talent but also ensuring they get paid for their participation. The initiative, aptly named “BeeTogether: Inspired by Change,” has garnered significant attention, resulting in a resounding success for artists involved.

Artists Getting Paid:

The “BeeTogether: Inspired by Change” bounty program was thoughtfully designed to reward artists for their creative contributions. With an inclusive approach, it attracted over 10+ talented artists who eagerly participated and reaped the benefits. Not only did these artists receive compensation for their artwork, but they also experienced an increase in sales as a result of their participation.

The Highest Grossing Collection: Frames of Hope by Monosid

Among the remarkable collections that emerged from the bounty program, “Frames of Hope” by Monosid took the spotlight. This captivating collection, characterized by its inspiring visuals, resonated with the audience and art enthusiasts alike. With a remarkable total volume of 732 NEAR, it showcased the immense talent and vision of Monosid.

To explore the extraordinary “Frames of Hope” collection by Monosid, visit( It’s an exhibition of artistry that captures the essence of hope and transformation.


The success of the “BeeTogether: Inspired by Change” bounty program stands as a testament to the importance of recognizing and rewarding artists for their contributions. By valuing their work and compensating them fairly, we foster an environment where creativity thrives, enabling artists to pursue their passion and make a meaningful impact. This innovative approach not only benefits the artists but also enriches our collective artistic experience.

To learn more about the “BeeTogether: Inspired by Change” bounty program and the incredible artworks it has generated, visit Celebrate the power of art and join the movement of change today!