The bee – the embodiment of togetherness. Bee Together.

Be(e) together!

The bee embodies togetherness, care, loyalty and life – with a sweet taste.

Without bees, there is no life. Bees are playful and curious and yet they do not lose sight of their goal. Neither aggressive nor provocative, yet gallantly guarding their communities. Freely sprinkling through the air, however always diligently following their mission.

The act of caring!

Bees show us what it means to be loyal, to stand up and take care of each other. How can we be(e) of assistance?

Community of Be(e)ing

In the NEAR ecosystem we engage and work as communities, as a team, like the bees. Guilds are communities that make up the greater NEAR community. Each guild shares a specific vision and mission related to driving a more open, interconnected and consumer-empowered world.

Join our hive and be part of our community!

About Us

We are helping organisations with social and environmental impact to achieve their sustainability goals.

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To be(e) the change

The bee has a very close social circle, they act in a caring attitude to ensure a safe space for their communities. The above mentioned example of a bee’s behaviour towards nature and their communities was one of the reasons that the final decision to name this community BeeTogether was made. We believe in a world where humanity in its different colours, cultures and religions live in a respectful, peaceful and sustainable way with nature and animals. With this strong mind-set and vision, the community BeeTogether has been founded. To be the change.

Our Values


We have a vision of a sustainable and climate-friendly interaction between nature and its habitants. Our vision is to create and expand a strong collaboration with organisations to support the environment in the fast-paced digital world. Our intention is contribution to a cleaner, greener, healthier world, whilst we focus on our natural environment as well as humanity and animals. BeeTogether believe that with a combination of patience, tolerance and resilience, change would manifest in ease and convenience for all.

Our mission is to support organisations that have a social and environmental impact with fundraising ideas to develop a sustainable income for all parties concerned. We are open to contemporary ideas and creative inventions, such as working with applications, NFTs and games to address a wide range and in consideration of a positive, yet fun effect. In initiative ways – just as nature.



We stand for equality, diversity and giving everyone a chance. The world is full of hidden and wonderful talents that are not seen due to lack of funds. We see them and give them this chance. This way we also manage to do a little bit of awareness work, show possibilities and give everyone the opportunity to create their own future. We are all together!

Business Partners

According to our philosophy, a partnership means to meet each other at eye level, to build up a strong connection, to grow together and create new ways of thinking, with open-mindedness but professionalism and focus on the common goal: a sustainable climate-neutral digital world, where creators and good causes can be supported in win-to-win attitudes.

Why do we work with NEAR Protocol?

BeeTogether Core Team

Thanks to our busy bees, this beautiful project is possible!

Claudia Peter,
Chief Operating Officer
Norberto Filotto,
Brand Designer
Community Manager
Graphic Designer & Social Media
Social Media & Promotion

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