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We are helping organisations with social and environmental impact to cover their financial expenses.

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With social impact
we create win-win-situations!

We know our abilities and we are conscious about the potential of today’s possibilities in the digital sector. Our experience in different areas of fundraising taught us the potentiality of the fast developing digital world we are in - and that it is seamlessly combinable with sustainable and environment-friendly actions. We are open to contemporary ideas and creative inventions.

What do we stand for?

Our intention is contribution to a cleaner, greener, healthier world, whilst we focus on our natural environment as well as humanity and animals.

Ocean Life

Engaging with a clean underwater world


Vegetation smiles in green


Caring passionately about animals


Meaning of life is to serve humanity


Growth through empowerment


Well-being is an investment


Driving creativity around the world

Water Quality

Keeping our water crystal clear


Playing is what keeps us energised

Our first step is to find
the best solution for you.

The right strategy and technique are essential for any project.
It is our turn now to find solutions for you. Let the bees swarm out!

Step 1

Get the best from a carbon-neutral blockchain

NEAR uses a technology called Proof of Stake (PoS) that does not require heavy computing resources to participate. Another advantage of PoS is that the carbon footprint of NEAR will only marginally grow as the number of users increase. Compensating that footprint with reforestation projects makes the NEAR Blockchain carbon neutral. NEAR plants trees in Colombia, Zimbabwe, and the United States via these carbon offsetting projects.

Step 2

We create synergies and use them purposefully

In the NEAR ecosystem we engage and work as communities, as a team, like the bees. The communities are called “guild”. Guilds are communities that make up the greater NEAR community. Each guild shares a specific vision and mission related to driving a more open, interconnected and consumer-empowered world.

Step 3

We find a technical solution for you

Through simple, secure, and scalable technology, NEAR empowers millions to invent and explore new experiences. Use this visionary state and thinking for your project. Get used to this reimagination of business, creativity and community working - this is the way to success WITH US

Revolutions start from scratch!

Our vision is to create and to play
to have an impact in this world.

Our Fundraising Projects

We create synergies and use them purposefully


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